About Us

Global Sports & Events (GSE) is a leader in producing unique sporting events and experiences for athletes to grow inside and outside their sport. With over three decades of practice and a deep sports network around the globe, the GSE team has organized hundreds of high-profile events spanning collegiate and amateur athletics. GSE is committed to advancing the athlete experience so that sports remain a positive force.

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Why Choose Us


Always do the right thing, no matter the cost.


Stay current, modern and forward-thinking.


Prioritize people with authenticity and inclusivity.


Keep sports a fun, positive force!

Our Services

With a specialization in athlete impact and international logistics, we pride ourself in creating memorable experiences for athletes, coaches, fans, donors, universities and conferences. Additionally, we provides services for team acquisition, deal structure, NIL, event operations consulting, media and distribution advisory, and athlete development.

Foreign Tours

Facilitate tours for athletes, coaches, fans and donors around the world.

Team Acquisition

Manage scheduling and negotiation with teams to attend your events.


Produce high-profile annual tournaments and multi-team events.


Expert guidance on event operations, media distribution, deal structure, and more.

Our Team

We bring over 3 decades of excellence in producing sports events and experiences. Driven by our collective desire to support athletes.

Erik Evans

Partner, Ops

Brian Ratzliff

Managing Partner

Sara Mosiman

Partner, Strategy

Ayumi Sumile

Executive Assistant

Jason Sarkies

Partner, Ops & Finance

Olivia Onnen

Marketing Specialist

Sean McShane

Partner, Business Development

Trusted By

In addition to our over 100 university and school clients, we work with partners who share our values and believe in athletes and the power of sports.